Runner With Varicose Veins

I am a runner and I inherited varicose veins on my right leg. I used to have leg swelling, heaviness and cramps every day. Dr. Meyer performed Laser Saphenectomy to my varicose veins; it was a fast procedure with only local anesthesia. Now, thanks to Dr. Meyer, I don’t have varicose veins anymore, I can run better than ever and I have no cramps, no swelling and no scars.

Spider Veins Treatment

I have spider veins; my mother and grandmother have them too. For many years I have had Sclerotherapy sessions. Recently I had combined Sclerotherapy, and laser. The results are great. With laser, I needed fewer sessions. I am very happy with the cosmetic results.

No More Heaviness, Pain or Swelling

I just want to express my gratitude to Dr. Meyer and his team. I had been suffering from big varicose veins for many years, and had 2 thomboplhebitis events in the past. Dr. Meyer performed Laser Ablation of the saphenous vein, and removed the dilated veins with tiny skin incisions, with local anesthesia, and no sutures. I did not feel any pain during the procedure and it took only 30 minutes. The results are great, I feel no more heaviness, no pain and there is no more swelling, I am very happy! I have met many Doctors, and I have had injections in the past now, thanks to Dr. Meyer, I feel that the problem has been solved, finally!

No One Made A Diagnosis Until I Found Dr. Meyer

I had Deep Vein Thrombosis from May Thurner Syndrome, no one made that diagnosis until I found Dr. Meyer, he did Angioplasty and Stent placement of my left iliac vein, and the inflammation and ulcer healed in 3 weeks!

State of The Art Equipment

For my varicose veins I had Laser and CO2 foam Sclerotherapy and regular Sclerotherapy, 3 sessions total, the team is very friendly, Dr. Meyer did all the procedures. They have state of the art equipment in the office and they are always on time.